BS 5837 Tree Protection Plan

Planning Permssion

The local authority tree officer may require the information as part of your submission, or alternatively may have requested the information as a condition.

Site Limitations

It is important to show the areas where site and vehicle access will be directed, and where the site offices and facilities, storage of equipment and materials and vehicles will be located.

Protection of Roots

It will be required to show any “no-dig areas and “hand-dig” area on these plans.

Whole SIte and Beyond

It is not only important to show the tree constraints for all the trees on or adjacent to the site, and the tree protection measures to protect them. These include tree protection fencing (Herras or alternatives) as well as ground protection measures.

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Frequently asked questions

These BS5837 elements are all important for a smooth and successful planning process. The local authority tree officer can ask for any or all of these to better enable him to assess your planning application.

  • BS 5837 Tree Report
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • BS5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AMS)
  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS)
  • BA 5837 Tree Protection Plan (TPP)
  • BS 5837 Tree Protection Plans (TCP)
  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Supervision