Vision, Mission Statement and Aims and Objectives of Arbor Cultural Ltd

Arbor cultural Ltd are here to serve you by providing you with expertise on your trees. To enable you to manage them in a more sustainable, beneficial and environmentally aware manner.

We are passionate about promoting the value and benefits of trees. These are becoming increasingly more important with a constant supply of new science and information to support them highlighting the importance of trees to our health and wealth and our well-being.

Trees benefit us in many ways as they give us cleaner and less polluted air, reduce stress levels, at a local level reduce the impact of flash flooding, urban heat islands and other extreme weather events.

We are passionate about promoting these benefits and where possible sharing their value is economic social or otherwise with our clients using the various tree valuation systems that are currently available. This will enable us to educate and inspire our clients about the valuable assets that there tree resources are.

We keep up to date with the latest industry developments in terms of scientific discoveries as well as technological advances to use these discoveries in the day-to-day application of tree management and tree care. We have the latest technology in terms of cloud-based tree management software, so buying equipment, tree decay detection and vitality testing equipment. We use this to promote the better understanding and management of trees for all of our clients.

We are currently looking into the purchase promotion and implementation of soil de compaction equipment as this is a really important development in the future management of our tree resources.

Our founder Tom Thompson is passionate about this and created the building information modelling for arboriculture (beam four are) group 3 years ago. This has now changed into the digital arboriculture practice group (DHP). This is to find the best way of incorporating digital technology to showcase the importance of trees and the urban forest in the process from conception to design to construction to ongoing use of our urban environment.

We promote trees and every opportunity and are looking to inspire the public by speaking out about the importance of trees at every opportunity. This includes public events, to organisations and corporations, online using our website and social media presence as well as speaking to schools.

It is an incredible opportunity where trees can be used within schools to reinforce educational goals, promote outdoor learning and enable science to be applied practically. This works well within the school curriculum.

Schoolchildren are an important generation, that are increasingly environmentally aware, so this is a massive opportunity to give them the information and tools they need to make a difference when they go into their adult lives, future jobs, and careers.