site supervision

We can provide an arboricultural consultant or a tree consultant to provide site supervision for your development project? Also known as an Arboricultural Clerk of Works.

required by Local Authority Tree Officers

Officers are becoming increasingly insistent upon Site supervision of your BS5837 Tree Report and Method Statements. We can provide that service for your development with an agreed schedule

Resolve potential conflicts

If there are clear potential conflicts between trees and the proposed development, these will usually require method statements. There is a high likelihood that the LPA will require some form of Supervision.

agreed supervision programme

We undertaking site visits to inspect work at the scheduled times and the production of a report to support the findings. Together with periodical inspections combined with activity-specific supervision. The activities will include inspection of the tree protection and ground protection measures pre-commencement, during excavation, prior to pile installation and during any working within the RPA of retained trees.

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Frequently asked questions

These BS5837 elements are all important for a smooth and successful planning process. The local authority tree officer can ask for any or all of these to better enable him to assess your planning application.

  • BS 5837 Tree Report
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • BS5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AMS)
  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS)
  • BA 5837 Tree Protection Plan (TPP)
  • BS 5837 Tree Protection Plans (TCP)
  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Supervision