Tree Health and Safety Surveys

This is a detailed report based on the findings of the Tree Health and Safety Survey.

It needs to be tailored to the clients risk tolerance for any given site, with the trees, surveyed and recorded either in a spreadsheet or on a GPS based survey.

This includes appropriate tree work recommendations, along with timescales for their completion.This will be accompanied by a recommended re-inspection cycle. This will address the clients’ “Duty of Care” liabilities.

All tree work recommendations will comply with the relevant British Standard BS3998 Tree Work – Recommendations (2010), unless otherwise specified in a report, with a clear justification for any deviation from the standard.

Additionally, further investigation may be recommended that does not form part of a basic tree survey. These investigations include:

Decay detection testing
Climbing inspections
Drone inspections
Vitality testing, (Chlorophyll fluorescence)
Vegetation clearance
Soil / root excavation
Laboratory testing

For more information about our tree health and safety surveys and how they could be beneficial to you please call 0333 577 5523 for a non-obligatory free quote.