Tree Amenity Assessments

There are a number of different systems for assessing tree values. The system selected will really depend on the reason for requiring it, once the system has been chosen then the tree amenity assessments can take place.

We at Arbor Cultural Ltd. can assess your trees using the CAVAT, Helliwell or TEMPO assessment methodologies.

  • CAVAT is generally used for issues of direct or indirect damage to properties.
  • Helliwell is a general amenity evaluation.
  • TEMPO stands for tree evaluation method for protection order. It is used to assess trees for suitability for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).
  • iTree is the most recent system to be developed, and it is designed to put a value on, amongst other things, the environmental benefits afforded by trees.

These valuations may be required in order to assess the value of a tree in a subsidence matter, the loss in value if a tree has been damaged or destroyed, to justify a TPO or to ascertain the environmental and economic benefit that tree(s) provide.

If you require more information about tree amenity assessments then please call on 0333 577 5523 for a free quotation.