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Arbor Cultural Ltd. provides a full range of services to support Planning Applications,  and to address planning conditions.

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At Arbor Cultural Ltd we Provide Expertise on Your Trees.

We address all tree aspects of your planning submission.  This includes the aspects addressed in the British Standard BS5837 trees in relation to design, demolition and construction, as well as Local Plans and Policies for the respective local authorities.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and Tom Thompson has worked as a Tree Officer in two Councils, so we know what is required for your successful submission. 

Whether you are looking for a survey or report to support a planning application, or you are concerned about a tree that is damaged or causing damage it all comes down to two questions;

We believe in the benefits of Trees and will always work to retain existing trees and even encourage the planting of more.

The removal of trees can;

Planning Permssion

The local authority tree officer may require the information as part of your submission, or alternatively may have requested the information as a condition.

health and safety

Our assessment will recommend any tree work that we consider necessary on health and safety grounds or where it cannot be avoided to remove part or all the tree to enable a better planning application.

Impact of Trees

A BS 5837 Tree Survey is an important element to know exactly what Trees have an impact on the proposed development and that the development will have on them.


Where trees need to be removed, we will always like to ensure suitable replacements are provided as mitigation. This will provide a continuity of tree cover.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are Tree Reports Required?

These BS5837 elements are all important for a smooth and successful planning process. The local authority tree officer can ask for any or all of these to better enable him to assess your planning application.

What Reports are available