BS5837 Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

Planning Permssion

The local authority tree officer may require the information as part of your submission, or alternatively may have requested the information as a condition.

Finding the issues

This will identify issues to be addressed on BS 5837 Tree Protection Plan (TPP), and measures to be addressed with BS 5837 Arboricultural Supervision and any necessary Tree Replacement Planting

Assessment of Trees

We use the VALID tree assessment method on any trees considered to be potentially dangerous. This method is described in more detail on our tree health and safety survey page

Integration of other plans

This develops from the BS 5837 tree report, BS 5837 Tree Constraints Plan (TCP), BS 5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment and BS 5837 Tree Protection Plan (TPP).

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Frequently asked questions

These BS5837 elements are all important for a smooth and successful planning process. The local authority tree officer can ask for any or all of these to better enable him to assess your planning application.

  • Tree Protection Fencing
  • Trunk Protection Measures
  • Ground protection Measures
  • Construction Exclusion Zones
  • Site Access
  • Contractors Parking
  • Site Huts and Facilities
  • Storage Space
  • Demolition
  • Hard Surfaces within the RPA (temporary and permanent)
  • Construction within the RPA of retained trees
  • Alternative Foundation Designs
  • Remedial tree work
  • Site responsibilities for trees
  • Arboricultural Supervision (Clerk of Works Duties)
  • Landscaping and replacement planting
  • Ground treatments around retained trees post development