Arbor Cultural Ltd Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Arbor Cultural Ltd would like to reassure all our clients that we are taking Coronavirus very seriously.

We are still operating as normal however we are putting measures in place to ensure safety to all while still delivering our services to you

For now, the following applies:

  • Extreme care will be taken on all site visits, where they are absolutely necessary, in accordance with our site visit guidance detailed further on all email correspondence.
  • We shall adhere to any on-site coronavirus protocols or procedures.
  • All travel non-essential site visits such as scheduled events and site meetings have either been moved online, postponed or cancelled.
  • A programme is in place to ensure all staff have enough equipment to safely undertake site visits as well as everything that they require to safely work from home when required to do so.
  • Our team are working together to ensure a high standard of cleanliness is maintained in all areas and personal hygiene is sustained by use of sanitisers and use of alcohol-based gels for all equipment, as well as our normal biosecurity measures.
  • Respirators and gloves will be worn at all times during any required site visits.
  • We shall continue to monitor the situation adhere to any new guidance on work, site visits and personal protective equipment (PPE) from Government, PHE and WHO as well as NHS

We sincerely hope the current crisis is not affecting you, your loved-ones or your business too much and that we are all back to normal soon